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Wind is currently one of the most rapidly developing sources of energy. We study potential wind farm sites to evaluate their viability and set up measuring equipment to collect wind data.

We are actively involved in the construction and running of new wind farms. To date we have created 20 permanent operational jobs. Thanks to this clean form of energy generation, we have avoided the emission of over 407,890 tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

Always committed to using construction techniques with small environmental footprints, we have to date built wind farms with more than 120 wind turbines, generating 415,800 MWh/year and supplying clean energy to over 103,000 homes.

TOTAL 189,00 MW 217.350.000 2005 20
Alíjar, Jerez de la Fra (Cádiz) 24,00 MW 27.600.000 Operation 2005 3
Valdivia, Osuna (Sevilla) 28,50 MW 32.775.000 Operation 2007 3
Olivillo, Jerez de la Fra (Cádiz) 25,50 MW 29.325.000 Operation 2008 3
Roalabota, Jerez de la Fra (Cádiz) 28,00 MW 32.200.000 Operation 2008 3
Palomarejo, Écija (Sevilla) 30,00 MW 34.500.000 Operation 2012 3
La Zorrilla, Arcos de la Fra (Cádiz) 21,00 MW 24.150.000 Development *2014 2
Alijar II, Jerez de la Fra (Cádiz) 32,00 MW 36.800.000 Development *2014 3
* Planned start-up date..


Eólica: Alijar 1 (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz)

Alijar I

Location: Jerez de la Frontera

Power: 24 MW

Developer: BECOSA

Start-up: 2005

Eólica: Alijar 2 (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz)

Alijar II

Location: Jerez de la Frontera

Power: 32 MW

Developer: SDR Energy

Start-up: Prev. 2014

Eólica: Valdivia (Osuna, Sevilla)


Location: Osuna

Power: 28,5 MW

Developer: BECOSA

Start-up: 2007

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