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To comply with all the applicable legal requirements, before construction work can start on a new facility applications must be submitted to the corresponding authorities and or private individuals for the licenses and permits needed to access the power grid, for environmental permits, for administrative authorisation and project approval and for building permits. These may vary depending on the site chosen and the type of technology to be deployed.

SDR Energy submits and processes the required documentation for all aspects of a project, including specific and auxiliary facilities for which separate permits are needed, gas installations, fire-fighting facilities, hydraulic and electrical systems, environmental clearance and occupational risk prevention. We also continually monitor and update documentation as required.

Thanks to our technical support, any requirements imposed unexpectedly by the authorities can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently and we can suggest alternatives that can be scheduled in such a way as not to affect the viability of a project.

SDR Energy has now been processing documentation and obtaining permits and approvals for projects involving a wide range of different technologies for more than 18 years.

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