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We can monitor and control your plant’s operations and production, supervising every detail of the corresponding construction warranties with a specialized team of professionals highly experienced in all aspects of plant operations and maintenance.

We offer preventive maintenance plans covering electromechanical equipment, general cleaning procedures, herbicides, etc. based on the experience we have acquired from maintaining energy plants for over 18 years and from the maintenance work we currently carry out in over 90 photovoltaic plants. Custom adapted to meet the needs of each particular plant, our maintenance programmes significantly reduce the amount of corrective maintenance – and the costs it incurs during a plant's useful life – and inventories.

Our tight maintenance control, which enables us to optimize your plant’s production and profitability right from the start, includes the use of thermographic techniques, periodic analysis of I-V curves, safety device calibration and the checking of dielectric strengths.

When repairs or corrective maintenance are required, we act rapidly, prioritizing incidents which affect commercial operations in the plant and always guaranteeing safety.

The integral service we offer includes the commercial running of plants, with full administrative management and invoicing control. Thanks to our large project portfolio currently in operation, and to our proven experience, we are able to offer considerable savings and a high level of efficiency, both in the maintenance and the operational running of energy plants. The facilities we run include the 8.14 MW biomass plant at Fuente Piedra (Málaga), the 28.5 MW “Valdivia” wind farm and the 5.5 MW “El Maestre” fixed photovoltaic plant.

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