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Locating the resource

Localización del recurso

The identification and evaluation of natural energy sources represents one of the most important stages in the execution of a renewable energy project, because the information obtained is crucial to the project’s technical, administrative and economic viability. Resource variability, whether spatial or temporal, is a key factor in the design of plants intended to exploit that resource’s energy.

The process of evaluation involves the following tasks:

  • Study of maps and relevant measurements from historical observatories.
  • Plant site pre-selection in accordance with technical/economic criteria.
  • Setting up of weather stations on the proposed site to take measurements, maintenance of those stations and monitoring of the information recorded.
  • Natural resource modelling studies.
  • Production and loss reports.
  • Production estimates..

To date, SDR Energy has evaluated natural resources (sun, wind, biomass) for plants, either operational or under construction, with a total capacity of more than 500 MW, and also for projects currently in the design stage or pending administrative approval.

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