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While a plant is producing electrical energy, thermal energy (in the form of steam) and cold water can also be supplied to the industry of which the plant forms part. This represents significant value added for the existing industry and a considerable saving in energy which will improve performance in the facilities involved.

We use alternative motors capable of supplying the required thermal energy through the motors’ own cooling circuits and exhaust gases to produce electrical energy in alternators coupled to combustion engines. This waste heat is used to preheat the water for the boiler and the generator in the absorption cooling machine. The heat left over after recovery is dissipated and used to help generate industrial process steam in a mixed natural gas boiler.

The plants we have built to date generate 205,600 MWh/year of sustainable, environment-friendly electrical energy.

TOTAL 25,7 MW 16.400.000 1997 17
Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) 5,20 MW 3.900.000 Operation 1997 5
La Luisiana (Sevilla) 7,20 MW 4.500.000 Operation 2000 5
Mengíbar (Jaén) 3,60 MW 2.000.000 Operation 1999 3
La Roda (Sevilla) 9,70 MW 6.000.000 Operation 2002 4


Cogeneración: Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)

Dos Hermanas

Location: Dos Hermanas

Power: 5,20 MW

Developer: BECOSA

Start-up: 1997

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